#MustRead: Tips on How to Write Your College Essay

Tips on How to Write Your College Essay

Written by: Kathy Tan


Writing is easy, that is if you wish to write for the sake of writing, but for your audience to do more than a mere reading, that is definitely hard. Writing either takes a dash of talent or a sprinkle of skill, and unlimited bowls of passion; don’t be discouraged though, as we give you simple tips on how to write your College Essay.

  1. Think smart not hard

Like in any other type of writing, there is one thing that you should do before anything else. You have to brainstorm. Think smart not hard, ponder of the things that you want to say, list them down, and create an outline.

  1. Do the Draft

The Draft is where it’s okay to have grammatical errors, to forget punctuations, and to disregard typos. Just let your ideas flow, and keep it flowing until there’s nothing left.

After that, ask yourself, ‘do I want this to appear on my essay?’ If not, cross out. Remember, you only have to include certain points if it will help you achieve your purpose or your goal, don’t say too much.

  1. Set the right angle

The choice of words and grammatical correctness can make a write-up distinctive, but another thing that can set apart one’s essay is the angle.

Find the right angle for you, be creative and new but remember that the reader should be able to see what you’re aiming to be seen. Avoid using the passive voice as well, be active and show your eagerness to qualify or even exceed!

  1. Be specific, honest, and concise

Answer correctly and clearly, write only the necessary examples or situations. Make sure the situations you are going to provide are genuine experiences.

Write about your achievements and counter it with your generosity and humility. And as always, just keep it short and simple.

  1. Proofread and edit

And if you’re satisfied with your draft, never forget to proofread and edit. Remember that this is a must; this is where you’ll be able to spot your grammatical errors, forgotten punctuations, and typos. You can also ask someone to do it for you; it is possible that they can spot mistakes that you did not see.

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