Infographic: How Online Education Can Save You Money


A college education is a must. While there are many brick-and-mortar institutions, a degree from one could cost you more in the end. One economical path to higher education is through an online university. The How Online Universities Can Save You Money Infographic presents how an online education could be best for your time and your finances.

Online Education Saves on Tuition

2013-2014 Average annual tuition at:

  • An in-state public university: $8,893
  • An out-of-state public university: $22,203
  • A private non-profit university: $30,094
  • Ashford University Online: $13,100

Online Education Does Not Require Room and Board

Living in your own place off campus is comparable with living on campus at a public university and you could save a bundle by avoiding the campus housing of a private university.

  • Average annual cost of room and board on campus at a public university: $ 9,498
  • Average annual cost of room and board on campus at a private university: $ 10,823
  • Average annual rent for a student living off campus in a shared apartment: $ 5,987
  • Average annual cost of utilities per person in a shared apartment: $ 425
  • Average annual cost of Internet and cable per person in a shared apartment: $ 193
  • Average recommended cost of food per year: $ 3,271
  • Total average annual cost of living off campus: $ 9,876

Online Education Works on Your Time

School class schedules can be difficult to navigate. You must commute to class (from home or campus), wait until the scheduled start time, head to a different building for another class, and then walk to your dormitory or parked car. If you live off campus and drive to school, there is the additional aggravation of fighting traffic in and out of a crowded area.

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