5 Reasons Why Being a Teacher is the BEST Job in the World



  1. You can transform lives

As a teacher, you don’t only teach Algebra or Biology to your students. You also teach respect, discipline, and sense of justice. You inspire ambitions, compassion, and kindness. The best thing about being a teacher is that you can have a significant contribution on how a child will develop his character as an adult.

2. You will continuously practice creativity

To engage your students’ interests, you need to be creative on how you present your lessons. This gives you a daily channel to experiment and explore teaching techniques and strategies in your classes.

3. You will continuously improve yourself

Students ask the most interesting questions, prompting you study the subject matter in greater detail. It will also encourage you to pursue further professional development and advanced studies.

4. You will heed your life’s calling

If you take into account the huge challenges and expectations that you will be confronting as a teacher, you might as well say that teaching is not just a job but a calling. Unlike other employees who work for a salary to pay the bills, you are not just an employee to your students. You are their care (for young students), friend, and mentor.

5. You have the opportunity to steer the world to the future

When you encourage students to collaborate on exciting projects or introduce them to modern technology in presenting their work, you are setting up a student-centered learning environment. This kind of independent learning steers the science of teaching (pedagogy) forward and eventually obliterate any misguided teaching practices for the benefit of future learners.


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