20 Successful Traits of a Good Student


According to Pablo Picasso, “action is the fundamental key to success.”  You don’t only sit there and wait for the success to come. It is about taking the actions and steps to achieve success.

Teachers-to-Go has consolidated a guide to help every pupil to determine how successful student take an edge from the negative ones.  You can save it and read it all over again, so you will be reminded and bring home the bacon!



Eager to learn

Lack of interest

Perceives right meaning from conversations

Misunderstands the original thought

Joins activities

Abstain from joining

Accept result

Complains a lot

Always present

Always absent

Early bird

Late comer

Sets out the action plan

Hard time to decide





Share information

Keep secrets

Talk about ideas

Gossip about others

Read books

Play computer games


Quits easily

Manage time

Waste time


Indulge violations

Work out task in a short period of time

Frequently crams

Schedule to study

Study sporadically

Understands the content

Memorizing word-by-word

Ponder unique abilities

Comparing self to others

Paying attention in class

Day dreaming



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