Cambridge and Oxford: Universities on Spotlight


Both Cambridge and Oxford universities are considered as the top placers on any student’s dream university bucket list. If you wish to know more about these excellent academic institutions and whether you have a shot at it, here are some noteworthy facts to consider.

  • They seek the best and brightest applicants regardless of background across the UK, as well as overseas
  • They do implement a highly rigorous but fair application procedures to identify the most qualified students for their programmes
  • They are both world-renowned in teaching and research in both arts and science subjects but it is NOT possible to apply to BOTH Oxford and Cambridge in the same admissions round

The Collegiate System


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  • Both are made up of individual colleges with different subject departments.
  • You can have the great privilege of not just being a part of an internationally-revered institution but have full access to subjects and courses from a wide-range of academic spectrum that have ranked top in the world year after year.
  • If you have made it that far, their admission process differs: text before interview at Oxford while tests and interviews are simultaneously done at Cambridge.



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  • Both universities use lectures, classes and laboratory work as their teaching method.
  • Both universities take pride in providing highly personalized teaching sessions to students.
  • Oxford sessions are called ‘tutorials’ while Cambridge sessions are called ‘supervisions’.

Choosing between Oxford and Cambridge


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 Since it is not possible to apply to both universities in the same year, you have to choose one over the other. Though courses have similar titles, they might not have the same content so you have to check each institution’s undergraduate prospectus/website for details.

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