10 Hobbies That You Should Try This Summer (Part 2)



6. Learning a foreign language

Whether it’s for your future career or for your personal enjoyment, learning a new language would be a good choice. You can try Japanese or Korean whereas if you learned it, you will not need subtitles anymore with watching animes or dramas.

7. Knitting

Who says knitting is for grandmas only? There are tons of teenagers inside their rooms searching the internet for a knitting tutorial or a cute knitting pattern for their hand gloves. You can try it and maybe create your own beanie or even sweater!

8. Watching Documentaries

This is a great supplement for what you teacher missed during your one hour a day science or history class. You will love watching documentaries because you do not learn things like you feel you are forced to learn it, you are just watching and by watching you will learn something.

9. Photography

Before everything else, you don’t need an SLR to get into photography, especially when you’re just starting. Digital Cameras are good, even smartphones! Not to forget that smartphones’ cameras have competitive specs!

10. Soul Searching

Give yourself a break from all the mundane things that happened to you. Go on a beach walk and listen to the sound of waves kissing the shore or drink a coffee inside a café on a rainy day and relax with the soft pitter patter of the raindrops. Stop and breathe.

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