4 Simple Tips for Public Speaking

With the generation we are currently in, attention is possibly one of the hardest things to maintain. You may be able to engage the audience on your first few seconds but keeping them interested for the next minutes or hour is pretty hard.

Here are some tips in public speaking.

  1. Be prepared

Be prepared. That’s it. From the creation of your speech to your delivery. Whether you are going to speak in front of numerous people or several audiences, there are still people who are going to watch and listen to you. Respect your audience, so they would respect you in return.

Don’t just talk; speak with a purpose and conviction!

  1. KISS! (Keep it short and simple!)

Length is not always important but substance is constantly needed! Lengthy sentences can be confusing and vague so keep your sentences short and simple. Don’t tire your audience by just listening, engage them and make them ponder.

Make sure to proofread and edit your speech. No matter how great your story is, one grammatical error can lose your credibility.

  1. Practice Eloquence

Public speaking is a skill that can be developed through a series of serious practice. Eloquence also comes when you speak enthusiastically, directly, and sincerely. If you are not gifted with that skill, you can always learn it. Learn it smart not hard.

Cliché and old, but practice still makes it perfect.

  1. Seal it with a kiss

Not literally ending your speech with a kiss, but make it special. You can leave questions that will make your audience think or reflect. Leave something that will make them remember you or at least what you said. It is your responsibility to give them something worthy to take home.

You started with a bang, end it with a bang as well!

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