What to Expect in Joining the UK Study Programme

What can one student expect from PGEM’s study programme in United Kingdom?

Students learn in various ways. Some are okay with sniffing dust in piles of books and stay in one nook for hours while others would rather be out under the sun observing how the world goes around in front of their eyes.

We get that. That’s why we find ways to synthesize learning indoor and outdoor and add more exciting activities for our learners through our UK study programme.

Get a different dose of learning! Do you want to have an idea how our study programme in UK is like?

If you’re from the US, Asia, or elsewhere, imagine flying off to UK for a 14-day educational trip. That alone sounds amazing, right? A school serves as host for the entire duration of the study programme. In July, it was Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire in a humble town called Stonehouse. Surrounding Wycliffe are Cotswold Hills and the countryside where outdoor activities were done.

What’s in a study programme in UK differs in what is offered in other places like US or Asia. The activities and learning concentration depend on the location. This particular study programme in Wycliffe that we’re telling you about offered an in-depth study of the English language and at the same time, discovering the culture there.

So if one study programme includes discovering culture, activities would include what the locals normally do. With this, students get firsthand experience of what others only read in textbooks. They get to ask questions right there and then; they would know how riding a horse, for example, can be both scary and liberating; they would understand just by looking around how people interact with one another and why they are expected to behave that way. Things that you can only learn when you get there.

Have you ever wondered how UK English differ from US English? One can learn of etymologies, enunciation if spoken by a British person, and other word meanings should there be any difference from what a certain term in US English means.

Aside from new learnings, there’s one thing that will definitely leave a mark in the participating students’ life until probably forever – newfound friends. Enrolling in such study programme won’t isolate you from the world because you will actually be introduced to the world and some of its wonderful people!

Can’t wait to hear about PGEM’s next study programme in UK? Keep in touch with us by leaving us a message or connecting with us on Facebook. Let’s make the world your biggest fun-filled classroom!


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