How Does University Counselling Work?

Parents want what’s best for their children. Students would love to have a brighter future ahead of them. So how does one secure a better future?

Teachers to Go! believes that in order for the students to have a brighter future awaiting for them, the choices should start with choosing the perfect university which can cater their every needs. University Counselling then comes in.

Through University Counselling, counsellors will help students on how they can determine the best institution for their needs, skill sets and abilities. With the advice of the counsellors, parents and students can rest assured that choices made are for the benefit of the student.

Teachers to Go! offers different packages ranging from hourly consultation, standard, advance and comprehensive.

Hourly Consultation

This service allows students to seek advice or any assistance to the counsellor regarding university admission process.

Below are possible hourly sessions content:

Career Counselling
Visa requirements
Guide to school requirement


Standard is divided into two, research and planning.


Compilation of students personal profile
Defining goals with the students
Analyzing students competitiveness
Admission strategy will be discussed with the students and the parents


Evaluation of application process
Coach students on how to write essays correctly and effectively
Edit and re-draft essays until suitable for submission
Prepare students for interviewing skills


It is divided into three, Research, Implementation, and Planning.

Research and implementation is just the same with the standard, the only thing different is the planning part.


Creation of tasks to be completed
Selection of academic course
Introduction to standardized tests
Strengthen students extra-curricular activities
Discussion of summer/winter plans including university visits


Just like standard and advance, the research, planning, and implementation are the same. The difference is that it comes with a follow through.

Follow Through

Suggestions of thank you letters to those who were able to assist the student
Contact to admission officers should be maintained
Discussion of visa requirements and collecting documents.

To know more about these packages you can always check the Teachers To Go! University Counselling.

University Counselling is a process and a way on how a student can choose what’s best for them. Counsellors make it a point to help them in any way possible from the smallest things to bigger things like admission process.

University Counselling works best with the help of the Counsellors, guidance of the parents and eagerness of the students.


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