How Does TestRocker Work?

TestRocker, the online SAT and ACT training partner of Teachers To GO!, is one of the currently popular online tutoring platforms for the two college readiness tests. Created by Suniti Mathur, TestRocker allows students to have their own study plan which will determine the practice tests and quizzes for their training.

These are TestRocker’s exciting features:

Diagnostic test

This 70-minute diagnostic test will reveal where you’re good at and where you’re most likely to fail. This would really be helpful if you are clueless about your strengths and weaknesses. After taking the diagnostic test, you will then be provided with your own customized study plan.

Customized study plan

This study plan is a reflection of your diagnostic test result. In this, you will see your weak points because you are suggested with longer hours of study in those areas. Your progress for all the categories (Reading, Math, Science, English) will also be indicated in your study plan. And a constant reminder of the upcoming test is viewable here as well. There’s a countdown for you!

Your private tutor

Learn from the SAT and ACT expert, Suniti Mathur. Yes, the TestRocker creator herself will be your private tutor! You can learn from her through the video explanations available for every question. This is the great thing about TestRocker. If you answered incorrectly, the video will explain why you got that wrong. And even if you’ve answered correctly, for example in a Math problem, you can still watch the video to see if there’s a better way to answer the question. You can access more than 2000+ questions with video explanations.

36+ timed practice quizzes

These practice quizzes will give you the actual feeling of taking SAT/ACT. And there’s no escape here! You have to answer all questions and complete these quizzes. Reminder, this will reflect on your progress and your parents will receive your progress report. So better be good practing.

Receive hand-graded comments on two timed essays

For some, essay is a crucial part of the test. Because of the time constraint, you have to be efficient in creating your essay and hit the right point.

Practice with two full-length timed practice tests

This gives you the idea of how it would be like when the exam day has finally come. Be sure to be in a comfortable room and get yourself ready before these full-length tests. You’d most likely get an idea how you would perform when the real exam happens.


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