What Homework You Can Find Help For In Teachers to GO!

In a previous blog, we introduced to you our Homework HELP! service, a Teachers To GO! product to provide assistance to students in doing their homework. If you landed on this page, you might be in need of help. Are you?

Under Homework HELP!, subjects under various curriculums are available. We serve students using IB MYP and DP, IGCSE, A-Levels, AP, and HKDSE. You can easily find a teacher to help you out by filtering the search by subject or by location.

What subjects do you encounter difficulties with most of the time? Oh, I’d like to bet on Trigonometry and Chemistry. If you often seek for a tutor to save your sanity while doing homework for these subjects and more, then you’re in the right web space. We have a growing list of teachers from all over the world to give you ease and reliable assistance for your complicated assignments.

Going back to the subjects you find help for every so often, in our Homework HELP!, you can ask for a teacher’s help for a particular subject matter or an essay. Just a reminder, our teachers will guide and advise you on what’s best to do for that intricate problem solving homework in Geometry but he/she will NOT do it for you.

Say for example, you have an essay due two days from now and you can’t seem to weave your thoughts into sentences that effectively convey your message or at least make sense. All you’ve got to do is find a teacher who specializes in that subject (for example Literature or Psychology). After booking and the session is now live, you send him the draft of your work. Wait until he gives it back to you with his comments and you edit it out according to his feedback.

Work on the second and final draft and send it to him again. His final remarks along with suggestions for future works would be given to you before the 1 hour session ends. These two rounds of sending-receiving-sending back should be done for 1 hour only. If not workable, you have to book the teacher again.

The same goes for other non-essay assignments. You work on whatever you can work on and show it to the teacher. Do the revision accordingly.

Even if your homework is giving you such pain in the head, you have to do it yourself. But what’s good news is, you won’t do it by yourself alone. That’s what our friendly teachers are here for.

Got homework piled up today? Sign up and get assistance from our teachers now!


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